Sunday, August 28, 2011

bet ya

just a quick random thought.

Andrew Wilkie wants to ban poker machines. mm, ok, perhaps they are a 'family' problem, lose a few thousand, here or there.

"stockmarkets" "shareholders" and gummints bet (gamble) billions, trillions .. of, and against, what?



Davoh said...

and if our 'Amuurican' cousins want to sit at the table, i know exactly how many cards are in the "traditional" deck of cards. 52. have just been listening to some information about "trade barriers". "free trade" is crap when playing against a "stacked deck".

Vest said...

I have no love for pokies, then why not the gee gees they create carbon problems.

Davoh said...

um, Vestie; at this point one hopes a person is talking about 'equines' - not Governor Generals?

Davoh said...

OK, before ya get back to that .. have to admit to financing a trip 'up north' to Port Douglas some time ago. How? trifectas. Depends on the knowledge of who trains, who rides.