Tuesday, July 19, 2011

snow again

Will post this in case the powerlines come down again, or the satellite dish becomes disfunctional.

Am well, in good health. Woodshed is full  .. heh. Hopefully the telephone lines remain functional. Ah .. country life.

Received a phone call from neighbour. Something along the lines of  ' school has just rung. Snow. Am at work. Can you pick up D... Schoolbus won't drive in snow'.

?? think i, "Who's calling?" (gives some indication of how many times my telephone rings).
??? think i, mind slowly trolling through the thousands of females that have known throughout a checkered history. Aha; Kat! .. wife of bloke round the back.
"Um, you want me to collect A... and pick up D.. from school".

Only just made it. The Holden wagon tyres don't work all that well in slush.

Ah, challenges. Do i yearn for the "well made, specifically surveyed, convenient, 'tarmac' roads and "right" angled, cheek by jowel angsts and antagonisms of suburbia?



Davoh said...

.. and if any "climate change" flatearther will point to THIS year as evidence of "cooling" ..

.. there are blokes around here, who's fathers have been around here ..

and they tell me "shhesh, this is nuffink. Thirty year ago, at this time of year, we used to get three feet of snow."

Davoh said...

*whose .. sometime i try. Sometimes wonder why i bother. its allgr8 m8.

Vest said...

Bucketing down here in Budgewoi.
Frame of new specs broken, have to wait to make a dash from car park to Specologist? Sod it!!