Sunday, July 24, 2011

economies of scale.

Who wins?

Have, basically, been wandering around the locality.
Chat with some, ignored by most.

Another battle with a billy goat. Dog became excited.
what's not to love?

All now settled and peaceful.

[this post prompted by the notions in  E. Annie Proulx "The Shipping News"]


Vincent said...

I've read that book. What notions did you have in mind? or are you referring to the film?

Davoh said...

heh, notions. Only that not much actually happens around here. Must be getting desperate when the most interesting thing of note is a wrestle with a billy goat .. heh.

Should, really, write that story; 'twas sort of fun.

Davoh said...

OK, thinking .. about the "shipping news". Not much happens. Boat comes in, boat goes out.

It is her sparse style that intigues me. backstories happen, then have to notice how she (or her publisher) uses knots at the head of each chapter ...

Vest said...

Boat (Ship) sometimes goes down.

When in danger or in doubt always keep a good lookout.
In danger with no room to turn.
Ease her stop her or go astern.

Or similar.
To act as judgement Say's is proper, ease her go astern or stop her.

Anonymous said...


Davoh said...

vestie, if i can ever organise a REAL yacht on the open ocean again .. you are welcome aboard ..

Vest said...

"How do you go astern on a real yacht?"

Anonymous said...

Interesting conundrum, vestie. There was a time when i could 'do a u-ey' i.e. turn 37ft, 8 ton, ketch within its own length. Depended on which way the tide was running (of course).

So, trying to answer your question .. what is a "real yacht" - am assuming it has no engine - and how would i go astern. Not easy, but possible. depends on many factors.