Friday, July 01, 2011


mm, why is it that the blokes strutting around in "Day-Glo" shirts, wearing apparel - are beginning to think that they "own the planet"?


Vincent said...

It is partly the obedient attitude of the "general public". When I got a contract to work at Eurotunnel, it was still a building site and so I was given a day-glo coat and plastic helmet. The coat was warm in winter and waterproof, so I used it a few times when off-duty. People came to me in the street about all sorts of things, as if I was an official of the Council, or able to help with a smell of gas, or a minor car accident. I stopped wearing it, fed up with people thinking I owned the planet, or at any rate knew how to fix it.

Davoh said...

Damn, knew i was doing something wrong - treading carefully, unobtrusive.

On the other hand, do not expect Womby's drivel to suddenly acquire a "Day-glo" shirt, persona, skin, facebook or twitter account .. whatever ..

Davoh said...

.. could also be slightly facetious .. blackshirts, brownshirts, dayglo shirts .. ve own dis planet .. heh.

Vest said...

Those with broad arrows should be
avoided at all times.

The bright orange worn by whores and thieves in Unclesamland likewise.

Davoh said...

Had better try to explain this post a bit more. Was referring, mostly, to the "workers" in the mining industries. Average income, apparently, is AU$90,000, and doubt if the 'executive's' salaries are included to skew the stats.