Monday, May 02, 2011

can't right ..

all the wrongs, idiocies, mis-judgements, inappropriate behaviours, indoctrinations, etc. of all the human beings on this planet - have enough trouble with my own behaviours and attitudes.

Can't write, either .. well, am finding that i don't really want to .. much. Too old; am becoming too content.

Why do we use the word "right" as something appropriate and positive? Upright, righteous, 'right-on', 'right a wrong' .. etc.

Whereas "left" is negative. 'left behind', etc.

Always bearing in mind that the Latin word for "right hand side" (or sword hand) is 'dexter' .. and the Latin word for the other hand is 'sinister'. Am not surprised that 'mollydukers' have had sociological problems for a thousand years or so. Perhaps schools should be teaching the concept of 'ambidextrous' .. heh.

 While i can't be quite sure that these guys can actually 'chew gum' while travelling using 'left' and 'right' wings simultaneously .. they do sit around and chortle.


Gerry said...

Yeah... right... ;-)

Vest said...
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Vest said...

A gentleman need not know latin, but he should have at least forgotten it.

Davoh said...

Vest .. perhaps have become cynical in old age .. but a 'gentle man' is an oxymoron.