Saturday, March 12, 2011


one of the locals; march, 2011

more info on this little character -


Jayne said...

Those legs are longer than mine!

Anonymous said...

I like that huntsman picture. I was just reading up on them the other day when I was looking up a jumping spider I've seen where I live that has metallic green fangs.
You may recall that I mentioned the myrmecos blog to you a while ago. He has an entry up today (Mar.14 U.S. time)about a type of ant I'd never heard of -- spider ants -- which are from your neck of the woods. You might enjoy reading his entry on that:

I've been enjoying his blog because it's so clear and concise, with a bit of humor too. I studied biology and worked in entomology for a few years. Boy I tell you if you want to learn a lot about biology you just need to look at the insect world. There are all sorts of evolutionary concepts such as ecology, parasitism, co-evolution, mimicry, sequestering of plant compounds, etc. which are rife within the insect world.
Davo I like your recent insect pics and hope you continue with it if you enjoy it, as you appear to do! Cheers!

Davo said...

mm, Anon, do have a few more littlies in the camera, but am still watching the unfolding news from Japan, so might just leave them for a while.

Vest said...

A gay male spider will live longer.