Thursday, February 24, 2011


OK, will post this link

Now hey, am oldish. Retired. Not really something that I want to get overly het heated up about.

Let's go back a bit.

Once upon a long time ago, was one year too old for the Australian "Vietnam War" lottery callup. Should i 'volunteer" . Had access to University libraries at the time; looked up the history. NO way.  It began as a local difficulty between north and south - the French were  already in difficulty as "colonisers".

Somewhere in there the "Americans" became terrified of "communists".

It wasn't necessarily so.  And yes, there will be some who argue against me. 'Oh, retrospect'; perhaps, but can give a very long list of "erronious" (and failed) American troop deployments.

Ah, where was i .. oh, Bradley Manning.

Hang about .. am collecting a long list of "witches burnt at the stake".


Davo said...

Perhaps it may be time to bring Arthur Miller's script of "The Crucible" out of the bookshelf.

lemmiwinks said...

Heh. He was married (albeit briefly) to Marilyn Munroe.

Being somewhat younger than your good self, I merely studied the Vietnam War for Modern History. Nuts, of course, very bad stuff indeed.

Treatment of returned soldiers was pretty shit too. Be anti-war but don't take it out on the soldiers. The military is not a democracy, if you are enlisted (or worse, drafted) they tend to say "You are deployed here:" not "Hands up everyone who wants to get doused with Agent Orange and go on patrol with the Americans?" (which from what I heard was more dangerous than the chemicals).

Speaking of Vietnam Vets, whatever happened to Gerry? His blog is now off limits apparently.

Davo said...

um, Gerry; yeeees, he came, sat with me and shared conversation and a few beers last year. However, have also been excluded from phone numbers and his blog. Dunno what i said to upset him .. but guess that he runs 'his' life 'his way'.