Thursday, December 02, 2010

odd coincidence?

Well well. Had asked the question "Why is there no Aboriginal political party" here a few days ago..  was listening to ABC radio this morning and guess what. There is one, just announced.

Good on 'em.


Vincent said...

I remember you mentioning it and I was going to say that I didn't think it was a good idea. Not that my opinion matters, as I am neither Aboriginal nor Australian.

I think that in politics everyone ought to be for everyone. I mean everyone ought to have minority interests in mind. If only minorities support minorities, in a democracy it won't work, because they'll always be overruled.

Still, there are some minorities I would not support. I won't elaborate.

Davo said...

mm, have just had a closer look at their website and am not sure whether I would be particularly interested in "supporting" them. Am a bit uncomfortable with the name "first nations".

On the other hand, it's a start.

Aboriginal representation in parliament has been sadly lacking.

There are 'historical' reasons for that, but won't go into detail at this point.

Jayne said...

Haven't read their website yet but, yeah, it's beyond time that one was organised.

Davo said...

Jayne - "beyond time"? tch tch, these people are more than prepared to debate 'beyond time' .. heh.