Saturday, December 11, 2010

Geminid meteor shower

Mmm, in addition to the considerable amount of rain in Eastern Australia causing flooding in quite a few towns in NSW and Victoria (and SA, apparently) - there's also a couple of meteor showers of note.

Have to admit that was disappointed to miss the Leonid shower in November due to heavy cloud cover;  have fingers crossed for clear skies for the Geminid shower - but am not hopeful (NSW forecast).

The Geminid shower is due between midnight and dawn on the morning of Tuesday December 14th.

The most active time is expected to be about 2am, after the constellation for which the meteor shower is named rises into the night sky.
The Geminids meteor shower is so named because it will appear to come from the constellation Gemini.
Viewers should look towards the east-north-east of the sky to get the best show.



John L said...

Did you see it?

Davo said...

Ah .. actually .. no. Did anybody? Was in and out all night until 3AM. There was a sort of misty haze overhead, but could see some of the brighter stars. Didn't see any meteors, though, perhaps they were too dim. Was bit disappointed, as can remember laying out on a hilltop when at Childers in Q. some time ago and the display was magnificent.