Sunday, December 05, 2010



Just another quick post with pics. Do they tell the story in a thousand words? Doubt it. Am in a completely different environment from what am used to.

a couple of months ago

It may well be that this is “normal”, and have been told so by some of the “locals”, but will take all that “under advisement” since none of the “locals” that self has been able to communicate with have been here for more than 25 years.

Have no idea whether it is part of “climate change” - but this is the essential problem trying to convince “the locals” that there is anything different.  Not too many European “locals” in 'the locality" who can claim a history beyond 250 years.

Am chatting with someone who has “aboriginal” heritage; and tells me that his ‘nana’ lived in this house. The difficulty comes from the fact that he experienced a ‘stroke’ and heart attack - 6 months in coma - two years ago. Lost his memory. We’re working on that.  The surprising thing is, while short on “formal” education - he’s still smarter than I am (but tells me that am unique, one of the few who understand what he‘s on about. Sort of gratifying, somehow).

However, back to the flora.

Just some pics of stuff that have been planting.

Do I really need to plant "european" rock melons?
Am not planting these - natives .. heh.

Australia has some subtle stuff - not immediately apparent,


Jayne said...

I've been trying to get hold of native flora to plant but very difficult.
Must try harder B- *snort*

Davo said...

um, Jayne; i sort cheat. There is a Bathurst 'indigenousness species nursery' that i chat with . . heh.

Davo said...

oops, forgive typing of spelling.

Davo said...

mis-communications. Yup, there is a real life bloke who occasionally comes into my house and discusses esoteric stuff.

Anne Johnson said...

The only native flora in my yard is poison ivy. Not my fault, much of flora around here was planted in colonial times and can't be eradicated.

Davo said...

Ah, Anne; long story - on both sides of the equator .. heh.

Davo said...

aaand, this post sort of went astray. Intended to post a whole heap of pics highlighting the difference between "native" flora and "introduced" species - but am getting a bit elderish, and "computer shit" is a bittuva problem.

Vest said...

I have planted early parsnips swedes and turnips.I continue to plant every month until end of autumn, freebies for layabouts and rello's.

Davo said...

MM, my two rock melon seedlings seem to be surviving. Next year might plant a whole heap and sell them by the roadside .. "commercial enterprise over indigenous environment" .. heh.