Tuesday, November 30, 2010

China bans rock lobsters

This is strange.
Australia's biggest market for rock lobsters, China, has halted Australian imports.
Exporters have been told China will not accept the imports, pending negotiations with Australian officials.
Only Australian imports to China have been banned and New Zealand and South Africa can still sell their lobsters to the Chinese.
A South Australian lobster exporter, Andrew Laurie, says the ban will cost millions of dollars and affect SA, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.
"We're at a loss to understand why it's only Aussie lobster that's being singled out," he said.

Why pick on Australia?

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Vincent said...

It must be politics. I bet your Prime Minister knows why. Just as Prime Ministers and Presidents always know what lies behind a terrorist attack.

Big countries don't need to resort to bombs, when they can ban rock lobsters.

Davo said...

Hi Vincent. Mmm, there's actually more to it, but the "news" media these days don't really do much in the way of "detail". have put some more info over here

Vest said...

We could retaliate and order a ban on the import of socks and jocks or deport coles and woolies imports of cheap unpalatable mixed diced veggies.

Davo said...

Oh Hi Vestie, kidney survived? Nah, am not comfy with messages of 'sympathy' - too trite. And yes, all us Aussies have to do is say to China - nup, no more exports of iron ore, problem solved (?).

John L said...

We might be able to buy some Australian lobster in Australia now.