Tuesday, May 25, 2010


OK .. just a word.

What does it mean it, mean it, in this cyberspace world?


lemmiwinks said...

Means the same as it always has Davo, just some folks are lax about maintaining theirs. Personally I give info (to people and companies) on a strictly "need to know" basis. As far as I'm concerned, 99% of the time they don't need to know (and I'll be the judge of when they do).

There's been many a time Mr Foo Bar of foo@bar.com has downloaded a program from a website. Whatever it was, there was no need for them to make me fill out a form so they get to know my name etc etc etc, the software was just a tool, a one trick pony which was supposedly freely given but in reality the price was information.

David said...

um, also, since i actually "know" quite a lot about the places have been, people have met (in "real" life) .. have to be very careful about what i .. um, "disclose" to this worldwide information interconnection.

As the old saying goes (paraphrasing) - "guns don't kill. Only humans do that".