Saturday, May 22, 2010

machinery update

Well, after several rebuilds, resurrections and a great deal of serious thought - my little Chinese manufactured 2 stroke generator has been .. um, retired. 14 months is not bad for $140-00. Can't afford a you beaut Honda pure sine wave generator at $1400 .. soo, well, had to buy another little 2 stroke Chinese 240V generator .. $219-00. However, seems to be producing enough grunt .. at the moment.

Also, was VERY pissed orf annoyed to discover that my printer - which has given me faithful service for 5 years or so, never had any trouble with it .. has become .. um, 'old hat'. A set of inks actually cost $30-00 more that a new model printer. Fuck!! - programmed obsolescence! .. one wonders why am still alive .. heh.

So, whatever, had some important stuff to print, so bought a new one. (not being locked into rent or mortgages always helps).

Am also learning about VN Holden engines .. at least they have nuts and bolts that I can fiddle with .. heh.


Davo said...

an update on THAT one .. OK, removed, pulled off, the water pump several times, since early February CE year 2010. . Stuck it back with cheap 'chinese' attitude - hey, who gives a shit about the details - JUST GET IT DONE!!.


Thinks, grasshopper.

Is this not the fervent MARKETING attitude? whATEVWER WORKS?


Davo said...

had a chat with the local nondesript bloke .. and .. whoof, had a new waterpump delivered within an hour.

Dunno how - or why - he did that.

He doesn't know me; am not 'regular' customer.