Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bit chilly

Woke the other morning to see the thermometer in the van reading 0.5 degrees C.

Um, must be time to dig the snow gear out of a locker .. heh.

The lass already has her 'winter wardrobe', and seems quite happy in the frost.

..and yes, I do have a spiffy little "Campmaster" butane gas heater - though could get expensive. The canisters are roughly $5-00 for four, but they last about 1 hour per canister. Might just stay abed, in the zero C rated sleeping bag.

Some people have suggested "moving North", but am still trying to save enough to get the engine on the wagon into some sort of trustworthy condition.


Davo said...

Found an anomoly of pricing in the local Big W.

A 'carton' of butane gas cans - 12 for $16.90. A shelf full of individual 4 packs, $4.98 each.


Davo said...