Tuesday, April 27, 2010

muffled out put

(edited Friday 30 April, 2010 -0800)

um, fascinating concept.

Methought my little cheap 240 volt, 2 stroke generator was having "input" problems. No power.

Pulled it apart, thought it was carburettor, cleaned and rebuilt it.
Fuel problems.
Dismantled, rebuilt, changed fuel mix.l

Nup, no grunt. Changed every input that we could think of.

A mad camper came past, vowed that he could fix any engine.

We had a chat over a campfire.

Two days later, much discussion and rebuilds,

we discovererd that the 'muffler' was cloggged.

Ah, late in the thinking.

(the other mad camper)

So .. the innards of muffler on this little 2 stroke generator
not accessable, could not take it apart
and clear the buildup of carbon clog.

Filled it with found water, put in fire.

Cleared coke and crap out of muffler.

Little cheap 2 stroke 240 volt generator
now running sweetly.


Davo said...

I learn a new thing every day .. que ,

R.H. said...

You can't be a bushie otherwise.

(que que que, au contraire.....heh)

Davo said...

The world is full of questions RH .. or is it?

Seems to me that the flat earth society is still extant.

Had a long .. passionate .. discussion with a bloke this afternoon (they still exist) that sort of restored my faith in intelligent human beings (long story).

Davo said...

What did I learn from that?
Um .. ya can throw as much fuel into it as ya like. Hasta go somewhere.

Bit like shoving a spud into the exhaust pipe ..

or, perhaps, in philosophical terms

Suppression is not an effective idea.

R.H. said...

Getting answers isn't important, the important thing is to be asking questions; if you don't ask questions you'll never travel.


French is unAustralian.

lemmiwinks said...

Too much oil Davo. The days of two strokes coking up went out with the ads touting "7 out of 10 Dr's recommend Camel brand!"

Run a full synthetic two stroke oil (if you can afford it) at 40 (if you're of a nervous disposition) or 50:1. Failing that a good semi synthetic (Mobil has one that's good) at 40:1. Never, ever 25:1.

Davo said...

Lemmi -- 10 out of ten Dr's recommend 50:1 fuel/oil mix for this particular engine. Would prefer a 4stroke U beaut Honda pure sine wave generator (@ $2000).

Can't help it if am forced to be cheapskate.

Davo said...

.. and make things up as I go along .. heh.

GreenSmile said...

if a generator can't shit, it dies.