Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magic and mystery

While yes, the 'archetypical' Aussie bushland is only a few hundred yards further away, this part of the forest fascinates me. The weather is trending toward the 'cool', damp, and have been told that I can expect ice and snow in a few weeks time - so am posting these pics as they sort of remind me of "Europe", and can understand where the notion of 'faeries' and 'goblins' come from.

I also seem to have a fascination with taking pics of toadstools and fungi .. heh.


Davo said...

.. and if anyone is wondering what am doing awake at 3am .. well, the body is sort of reminding me that things wear out over time. Have discovered sciatica, which, while not what I would call 'painful', is proving to be bloody annoying; can't lie down, can't sit still, seems to ease if I walk around a lot.

David said...

.. and yes "toadstools and goblins' may well refer to Goldman Sachs .. buut meeee .. am nothing.

Anonymous said...

.. PLEASE .. do not make any reference to
"toads tools". So passe.

Vest said...

The gnome out walking was greeted by the pixie who lived in a toadstool "Come in" say's he, '
"I'm sorry there isn't mushroom.

We had fairies at the bottom of our garden in England. But then they disappeared for two years.
I asked them where had they been, they replied "Got called up for National service" "what the Army Navy or Airforce" I asked. They replied,
"No Silly, The National Elf Service".

Davo said...

Um, was in Bathurst the other day .. while yep, there's a Woolies and Coles .. also noticed an Aldi.

Gah this whole country is becoming 'elf service.

Davo said...

(and, by the way, THAT comment belongs - or was prompted by - a very long discussion with a 'real' person about the differences between "communism" and "community".)

Davo said...

Start here .. heh