Friday, December 11, 2009

Ooo, lookee

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From the Maize Island campgrounds near Waikerie, I went through Renmark and up to the Mertho 'forest' floodplains, north of Paringa. (there is, as always, many, many words belonging to the 'back story' about that trip - and also about this area (was here in 1999 in a Toyota Coaster bus). Suffice it to say, was sitting minding my own business in the silence after sundown when I hear noises in the trees close by. There, silhouetted against the starlit sky was ..
Not only that - there were TWO of them. Methinks they are Brushtail possums .. and have never seen one in the wild before. Plenty of ringtail possums on Kangaroo Island, 50 years ago .. but never a brushtail.

Also, while am at it - echidnas.

While at the Burra Creek campground, also spotted one of these ..
Once again, first time that have seen one "in the wild" for 50 years.

(they're both on video)


Vincent said...

I hope that makes up for the anger of the other place.

Davo said...

Er yes, Vincent, and no. I sometimes think that have lived too long, seen too many changes. And yet, out "in the wild"; very little changes. Difficult to put into words.

Davo said...

"suburbia" seems to be changing faster that i can cope with.

Davo said...