Friday, June 26, 2009

am a reconstructed romantic

This little pixie hangs about ..
Because it has figured out that I may - or may not, feed it these things -

their generic name is 'maggots'.


Davo said...

"bird brain" is no longer a disparaging comment .. heh.

JahTeh said...

Love the bird, hate the maggots.

I really hate maggots even though I know they're necessary. I just can't stand maggots.

Why are you cultivating maggots?
Fishing? Birding?

Davo said...

JT, just think of them as "gents" .. um, waitabit .. that's short for "gentlemen" .. perhaps maggots might be much the same, from your way of thinking .. heh heh heh.

And by the way, the little fantail is now catching them in mid-air. "fantail"?? um yes; a bit of trivia - the Willy Wagtail is misnamed. It's actually of the family Rhipidura, which are "fantails". "wagtails" are Motacilla.

And yes, the tub of gents was first purchased as bait, but the weather here has been a bit wet and chilly, so are now used to train "Friendly Fannie" .. heh.

GreenSmile said...

waaat? no dashing beard? mine mostly goes when I want to push my face into some poor woman's face.

serves me right for not visiting more often.

and as for the lunch, no thanks, just ate.

Davo said...

Dashing beard? um. GS, since have had no opportunity to "push my face" into any part of a female anatomy for several years - might re-present with the grey one.