Sunday, May 10, 2009

rights and righting

Er, did have 2 or 3 thousand words, but they're captured with biro ink and still stuck on a cheapish pad of paper. Might let them languish there for a day or two. Even biro ink matures over time .. heh.

Have been reading the Weekend Australian (hey, fer AU$2.40 [inc gst] How cheap can one get? Nah, wunna the better wastes of woodchips.

Have also been having a sqizz at some other blogs (hi Guambat), and one of his posts refers to "Headlines" .. or rather 'the writing of..' I love 'em. The subbies really have to think very hard to come up with the more "clever" ones.

The one that am still chortling over is
on the front page of the local "Country Times". ?? think I, who the hell is Poona? Was she human in the first place, did she go through some terrible trial, and keep her dignity?

Turns out that some human bones were discovered in a dam near the township of Poona.

Or this one "Kangaroo shot with crossbow on the mend". Ok, not a word about the poor crossbow. Did it recover??

Or this one "Pass out the porcine puns" - which is sort of self explanatory.

The title to this post, actually, belongs to a rather magnificent 1000 word essay by Phillip Adams, in the WE Oz Magazine this week. Gah! how much can one say in 1000 words?
[damn, can't find it in a link - will try to find it]
UPDATE - Phillip Adams article "Migration history in black and white" [Thanks Neil]


Davo said...

Our Minister for Climate change is Penny Wong.

Caroline said...

I said hello to our friend Mr Adams at the Horse Parade yesterday. Remember me? I said. Caroline. Cafe. Oh, he said. I miss you. I said well I don't miss you. Which I hope he understood as actually being a compliment.

You won't find his latest on line, 'til some arbirary time,later in the week.

Neil said...

Phillip Adams article.