Tuesday, May 26, 2009

After the rain

Mmm, where to start, can only be brief.

Pulled the pegs at previous campground last Wednesday, then spent two nights at Yorketown caravan park (long hot shower .. whoohoo!!), charged all the batteries, then pottered down to Innes National Park. ($6.50 entry fee/$5-00 per night).

Much to write about, but a cold front came through on Saturday afternoon. Heavy overcast with light drizzles interspersed with heavy showers which continued all through Sunday (ranger station reports 42 mm.)

Had cleared by Monday morning, but batteries very flat by then, so will take a few days to get them back into a state where I can use the laptop at length.

So, these are just a few photos, have many more but haven't spent a great deal of time selecting the best, and these are "downsized" for the net (but click for biggeruns) ..

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Vincent said...

Wonderfully expressive photos, and teasing text as ever: "Much to write about, but ..."

Make notes, please! Capture the inspiration for when the batteries are charged!

Meanwhile, I'm scraping round unsuccessfully for any excuse not to write up my own weekend adventures ... My batteries are charged but ...

Jayne said...

Beautiful photos, love the old farm machinery :)

Greywolfe said...

The farm machinery is very close to what you can find on old farms here in Oklahoma.

I like your writing style. Very few people use the type of imagery that you seem to relish using. I'm thinking I'll probably be a regular.

Mine is a political site, and I find refuge in yours. Saves the soul to get away for a bit.