Monday, March 23, 2009

we all gotta go

one day this year, next year, sometime ..
I did not live a life as rich as this one --
Old Hoss‏ RIP

From: Caroline)
Sent: Monday, 23 March 2009 6:01:01 PM
To: David H. (
Lowell Gene Maudlin
Born Oct. 1 and 2, 1930
Died March 7, 2009
Gene died today utilizing Oregon’s Death with Dignity plan. He was tuckered out from trying to breathe. His Scamp was with him at Hospice Hopewell House.
Lowell Gene Maudlin died too soon for me but I’m glad he’s resting and breathing easy with his Big Ernie. I met Gene the summer after we each began blo**ing in Spring of 2005. He was still in the home for Old Folks then, with his wife, Betty. Betty subsequently died of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, choosing to use Oregon’s Death with Dignity program. Sad but not beat, Gene, always resourceful, reconnected via his blog, with his Scamp (Sylvia)- previous wife and mother of his children. She was the angel of Gene’s final 3 years, letting bygones be bygones and falling in love anew with an amazingly smart, funny, and loving rapscallion of a man.

Found here.

He made me laugh. He did.

And yes .. he also made me laugh .. when i had time and resource to listen.


R.H. said...

I am moved to make a comment, but can't think what it is.

Vest said...

Hi Davo. It's sad to hear of your lost friend, I know the feeling. I have lost four in the past year. about 60 of our ww2 crew have returned to Oz since the war, only eight left and I top the list, alphabetically. Anyhow, how are you?

Davo said...

Am well thanks, Vest; getting by .. but hey, am only a youngster around here. (tho funnily enough, one of the kids at the cricket match asked if i was 85 .. shit, am gunna have to shave the beard .. heh.