Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Have just been watching the synchronised diving on TV.. well, to be exact, the womens's 10 metre .. not an easy exercise, considering the short distance.

Australia won the silver .. after China.

Synchronicity is China's forte. That was obvious during the opening ceremony. The slogan “One world, one dream “..is a dangerous concept, perhaps. Been around since the Assyrians “came down like a wolf on the fold”. Empires Greek, Roman, Visigoth, Mongol - were built and discarded.

And yet, one cannot suppress a sneaking admiration for the Chinese experiment.

They are not, as individuals, physically strong – and yet, mentally together, they would be a formidable force if one wanted to pursue an alternative or individual train of thought.

Australians are golden in the water. Some things decided, some not.

Water polo – Australia 8 against Spain 9.

America has won gold in the Olympic shotgun shooting match .. heh.

[PS, have just popped down to the local library in the car to post this and read stuff, typing this by torchlight .. just downloaded the PDF Vest, will read it when i get back to the van.]


BBC said...

Thought I would stop by to say hi, it was nice to see a comment from you.

I don't watch any of that stuff and it's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around anyway.

Heh. Often wonder why am not out at sea.

Knew a man that did just that, built a sail boat when he retired and traveled all around the world, often to your country, but often wintered here for some reason.

He figured that he would die out there, guess he has, we haven't heard from him for a few years now and can find no trace of him.

He didn't do computers, have a car or cell phone or any of those things, but he was a very interesting man.

Take care, hugs.

lemmiwinks said...

"One world, one dream" Ha ha, 'tis to laugh! The world is getting a glimpse of the true China now, the worst parts of Communism and the worst parts of Capitalism rolled into one.

Forced evictions from and destruction of ancient Hutongs, choking filthy smog blocking the sun thanks in no small part to the world making China it's factory floor. But I think the scariest part is the rising tide of fervent nationalism and the fact that most 20somethings over there have never heard of the Tiananmen Square massacre and probably wouldn't believe you if you told them.

The powers that be in China must be pissing themselves laughing.
IOC: "Now, you can only have the Olympics if you stop screwing Tibet over and clean up your act generally ok?"
Chinese Communist Party: "Sure thing, no worries!"

Fast forward to 2008:
IOC: "Err, about the human rights things, also the air quality appears to be that of the inside of a burning cigarette..."
Chinese Communist Party: "Oh yeah? Stiff shit, what are you going to do hold the Olympics somewhere else now? We didn't think so, bwahahahahahahaha!"

I couldn't care if they never held the Olympics ever again anywhere, personally it leaves me completely cold, but surely this must be remembered as "Beijing 2008, not an Olympic Game, an International Shame".

I'm as bad as anyone else mind you, I love my cheap "Made in China" goods, the house would be empty and I'd be naked without them (and no-one wants the latter, trust me). I don't have the answer. Maybe we can't have our cake and eat it too in this case. Pity the peasants, they have no voice.

Wombat said...

Read this :


The 29 foot prints fire works did happen, but the 55 seconds "live" TV of the same we saw is actually a animated video. Fine, maybe I can live with that.

Until this morning :

"Little girl who sang when China's flag was brought in actually lip synched, the problem is that was not even her voice. Another girl sang the song but was yanked from appearing because she has crooked teeth."

Hello.... is this Nazi Germany all over again?

I wanted to give China the benefit of the doubt but now I say to hell with it.

Now, was it really 2008 drummers or was it only 8?

Anne Johnson said...

Synchronized diving. How the hell do they do that?

Davo said...

Everybody ends up dead BBC, depends on the quality of the journey.

Ah, Lemmi, am now relying on a pittance allowance from the "Commonwealth of Australia" .. or until I can find employment at the level to which I think I should be entitled. Until then, am thankful that the ignorant "workers' in China continue to be exploited, produce extraordinarily cheaply purchased products, and exist on the equivalent of AU20c per day.

WombatinMalaysia, Ah .. apparently one of the "advisors" for the "Opening Ceremony" was the bloke who designed the opening ceremony for the Sydney Olympics, complete with "flying" and singing child.

Have not the slightest idea who the "ultimate" design controller for the Beijing 2008 was - though while a "camel designed by a committee" comes immediately to mind .. I still think it impressive.

Annie, Synchronised Diving? Surely it should be 'how in heaven it is possible to do that'?

Nevertheless, heaven or hell, the human mind and body IS capable of it, regardless.

(sheesh, team games and gymnastics.. heh)

Davo said...

and oH, Vest, have lived all my 63 year life in AUSTRALIA, have never - at this point - felt the need, nor necessity to confront the foodstuffs in the pics of the PDF. However, am well aware that they are all edible, if necessary .. heh.

Davo said...

But ya know something, am guessing that the majority of the Chinese are real people; have emotions, tears, aspirations, loves, disappointments .. just like the rest of us idiot humans .. heh.

lemmiwinks said...

Ah Davo, dunno that "thankful" is the right term for me, perhaps conflicted is a better choice. No doubt they're subsidizing my lifestyle in various ways (not plasmas TV's and the like but useful goods), but what to do? Stuffed if I know, that much I'm sure of.

Davo said...

Lemmi, dunno what to say, specifically, have never been where you have - but Anna Meares is inspirational to this idiot .. heh.

Davo said...

.. and yes, Lemmi, have been watching Cadel. He did his best, under the circumstance. Am still proud of his efforts.

Davo said...

.. and also Lemmi, might i suggest you change your "avatar"? Never a "man down" .. heh.

lemmiwinks said...

Avatar made me laugh when I saw it Davo, particularly in light of recent events.