Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Tackling the Taliban" SBS Dateline

It's not often that we get to see video footage of our Diggers in operation.

Yes, it would probably have been vetted by the ADF, but John Martinkus, George Negus and Dateline are not known for deliberate "propaganda", quite the opposite.

There is much that should be written about this story, as it points up the marked difference in attitude and tactics between the British commanders in that area, the way the Aussie troops operate - and the, well, self defeating attitude and tactics of the Americans.

Best to go to the website, read the transcript - or better still, watch the online video - and make up ones own mind.


BBC said...


So how is it going with you?

Yves said...

Pity you could not have given a summary of your views on the topic, as I can't be bothered to check your sources . . .

I echo BBC's enquiry: how are you doing, man?

Davo said...

Fine thanks, am still here, more news if things turn positive.

Everything is a bit like trying to tie the tentacles of an octopus - and all i can afford for the task is a snorkel and a reel of cotton.

Will try to write an appraisal of the differences you refer to Yves, but it really is a "cultural" thing, and quite complicated. Basically the Brit commander (NATO) in Helmand province managed, over the past twelve months, to calm things down and BEGIN to gain the support of the tribespeople - at one point there was no fighting for four months, the schools re-opened, markets appeared.

He has since been replaced by an American commander (where the attitude is that the Brit commander should have been sacked for aiding and abetting the "enemy") and are back to the artillery barrages and hobnail boots approach.

I personally think it disgusting, and the Yanks should be turfed out immediately. There will be no peace in that area while they are still around.

Am very proud of the way the Aussies handle themselves. Very laid back, but with a hint of steel. You really should try to watch the video - just click on the blue bit on the right of the page, says more than words.

Davo said...

Where it says SBS video online. It's not a youTube thingo, SBS have their own streaming system, and can watch it at my end with no "download" or "buffering" problems. Am assuming that it works worldwide.