Friday, February 09, 2007

on the same page

mm, there is, of course an explanation of computer acronyms, and WWW represents World Wide Wait .. but that wasn't what prompted this post.

Have just noticed that Foxclocks tells me that everyone I know is on the same day.(Foxclocks could be wrong, of course).

California, Fri 1.57am
New York, Fri 4.57am
UK, Fri 9.57am
Here, Fri 8.27pm

Wow, be nice if everyone was thinking at the same level and in the same direction, but that is a futile hope. Christians killing Christians, Muslims killing Muslims et cetera et cetera.

And since none of the Yahweh Judeo/christian/muslim God sects seem able to agree on anything, try this site.

On that note might direct attention to This site. The Global Orgasm day. Am giving plenty of warning.. it's not until December. Check it out, prepare, participate.


Fleming said...

Global Orgasm Day sounds like my cup of tea, and so I'll train very rigorously for it. Will Viagra be distributed to the elderly?

Davo said...

Ah, am not sure that Viagra comes as part of the programme but, with a bit of practice - everyone should join in. Don't even need a partner, am a bittuva handyman, myself .. heh.