Sunday, February 04, 2007

Disgusting Obscenities

Exxon Mobil posted a net profit of $51 Billion last year.

That's Billion folks, not million. (the South Australian Government's total annual revenue is $11.4 billion)

Royal Dutch Shell posted a profit of $33 Billion.
ConocoPhillips posted $20 Billion.

Chevron has yet to report.

Eleven senior executives with QANTAS are set to share in $300 million bonuses if the Private consortium succeeds in the take-over of Australia's National carrier. (oh, please tell me that they would recommend against this take-over.)
(though to be fair the chief Exec, Geoff Dixon, has said that he would donate the earnings of his bonus to charity.)

[disclosure, (in case you think that there is some bias here): my total annual income for last year was $27 thousand... heh)]


GreenSmile said...

And they posted their results about the same day as the IPCC spelled out their total lack of doubt: we are crisping the planet to a fare-thee-well with our fossil fuel burning.

Are we stupid or what!?

Davo said...

We are not only allowing them to do it .. we are PAYING them to do it.

That's not stupid .. that's insanity.

Anonymous said...

There's something darkly Pythonesque about this.