Sunday, January 21, 2007


Gahh! One thing or another. Was 41C (105F) last Wednesday, but a steady soaking rain began on Friday morning, and continued until this morning.

Heavy falls all through the north of South Australia, with extensive flooding.


Deirdre said...

I love that second photo (the close-up)! Beautiful. Makes me wish it was raining here now.

Your photos of the comet are good, too. I'm surprised the thing shows up in photos - were you using a tripod and long exposure or something? We had cloud along the horizon for about the first three days, but I finally caught a glimpse of it on Thursday. It's quite beautiful in a strange quiet way, don't you reckon?

Davo said...

Ah, was using tripod for the comet, yes. But the camera is sort of newish - (Fuji Finepix 5.1meg S5600. 10X optical zoom.)- and am still trying to figure out some of its finer points.

I think I had it set for "auto" for the comet, but it was getting a bit darkish so couldn't read what it said for the settings on the LCD (and also need specs for that sort of stuff).

Tried playing with the setting "aperture priority", and "low light", but can't now remember which pic was which. The camera also has a facility for "trim" which is a sort of zoom after the pic has been taken - the "close-up" of the comet was done this way. Has also a "macro" setting where it can focus to 10cm, so can get some interesting pics with the added "trim". Oh, and while it can be set for 5.1 megapix, have been using it at 3.2 MP, then reducing the original 2048x1536 image down to 640x480 on transfer to the computer.

Am slowly getting the hang of it, but sometimes miss the "feel" of the manual Nikon.

And yes, it was nice to see something that may not be back again for .. a while, I guess.

Davo said...

Can look up the EXIF data if you like. The "sunset" was 1/1000; f:8 ; ISO 400.

Deirdre said...

I don't understand much of that gobbledegook, though once I might have recognised something more it.
The 1/1000 looks pretty damn quick, though.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter. The photos are lovely, and you have a new camera. Lucky ducky!

Have you got plans for post-eviction yet? (Sounds like something Big Brother housemates would have asked each other. Maybe you could join them on the publicity circuit? There's probably quite a track by now :) )