Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where the bloody hell are ya?

Apart from this imaginative slogan decreasing tourist entries into Australia (can't think why) - there is a new questionnaire to complete before becoming a citizen.

If this questionnaire is successfully accepted, please apply to your local branch of the Big Mac Bank for your airline ticket.

(Cartoon by Warren, published in the Adelaide Advertiser, Friday 15th Dec 2006)
(link to questionnaire found on diogenes discourse.. post title "g'day mate", can't find a direct link to the post).


Isabella di Pesto said...

Thought you'd like to read what was being posted on a blog in the US:

"WTF? do Australians eat?
res ipsa loquitur

The most disgusting stuff you can imagine. They ask you everywhere if you want "salad" on your sandwich, which means lettuce and CANNED BEETS, which bleed all over everything including you. Also, they don't understand cooking bacon, it's served merly warmed up. How do you think they stay so slim?

Do you really eat beets and warm bacon?


Davo said...

Only on "ham"burgers, Isabella ..;-).

GreenSmile said...

Don't know if we are talking about the same test...I found one that had semi-official trappings such as a govmint URL. I took. I have all the job skills they wanted but they score you down for being old. I flunked. If I want to be an Aussie, I will have buy outright buy a chunk of your fair continent. and a college tuition's worth of govmint bonds.

I guess I'll have to settle for Canada..they require a score of 67 on their "are you good enough to be a Canadian" quiz and I just squeaked by with that score. I guess Canada would settle for me.

Oh, never mind. I was not talking about a joke questionaire...that WAS a joke right?. You do know your tax dollar has been put up a similar but more politically correct quiz?

Davo said...

i don't really know, Greensmile. In fact, am coming to the realisation that I don't really know very much at all. The older I get the less I know.. It's all getting far too complicated, and my head hurts if i think about it too much. Be nice to be able to nick off and live on a little island somewhere that didn't belong to ANY country. :)