Saturday, December 09, 2006


The cat, apparently, is much smarter that its "food source" and is now stretched out on the bathroom floor, the coolest place in the house.

"cat's Food source" (henceforth referred to as cFS), in the interests of good citizenship and saving water, has just wandered down the road to the local "beverage supermarket" and returned with a "slab" (24 x 375mm bottles of beer, for those unfamiliar with the local lingo). After all, water is precious, and if cFS can help save that which flows through the household water-meter .. then must be saving some.

Any further posts or communications on this weekend will be either nonexistent, inarticulate, incoherent or very bloody angry. cFS stores vast amounts of ephemeral information in its head, which either evaporates without trace, gets channelled into wry posts or, on rare occasions, explodes in incoherent rants.

Hopefully cFS will fall asleep until Monday, and no further antagonism will be created.

And AWWWW GEEEE, am just listening/watching to yesterdays Jim Lehrer's "Newshour" on SBS. Sheesh, endless analysis of "What went wrong"!@@!@ .. Arrrrgggghhhh!!!!

What went pearshaped, was when some ragtag, juvenile "insurgents" decided to set up a nation according to "individualistic" notions. Stick THAT in yer effin peace pipe. The Untied States of "I AM" has very little credibility, these days.


Anonymous said...

wow! it really is warm where you live. it's getting cold here...40's at night and slight rain right now and more to come on sunday.

my animals hang out in the bathroom too in the summer during hot weather. the tiles on floor are nice and cool.

take it easy...too much news watching is bad for your health.

Davo said...

too much being "alive" is bad for my health.

JahTeh said...

I watch the 'Newshour' whenever I can. It gives a much better idea of what's going on than the usual news services.

Davo said...

Apart from Aunty ABC, SBS is the only TV channel worth watching .. but "they" have it in their sights, and have begun to gut and emasculate it by putting "buy now" irrelevancies in the middle of programs. Can't think why, it has only 4% of the viewing population. Arrrrgh!!!, don't get me started on mind control and manipulation.