Saturday, December 09, 2006

Topsy turvey world

I see the Weather pixie in the sidebar is still in her bikini and reading 38C (I still keep hoping she'll strip it off when the temperature gets above 40C) but the thermometer on my back porch (in the shade) is reading 46C (114F).

It never ceases to amuse amaze me that while one half(?) of the world is shivering and preparing to celebrate a mid-winter solstice Festival of Saturnalia, most of Australia is wondering what next is going to spontaneously combust.

ONE of the current bushfires in Victoria has burnt out an area roughly the size of the American state of DC.

And yup, we still "celebrate" ancient European traditions. (finding three local wise men and a virgin is bloody near impossible these days.) We still have to "import" them, and display tableaus representing "Middle-Eastern" values. High value is placed on "Virgins" over that way, apparently, but Parthenogenesis (procreation sans male input) creates a female clone.

Technically, any "Messiahs" produced by parthenogenesis should be female. However, parliament has just voted to allow "therapeutic cloning" so now, with a bit of luck and assiduous science-based research .. some more people will be "saved".


Deirdre said...

46 degrees?? Bloody hell. It's about half that over here (mid-20s; NE NSW). It really is a big country.

Well, best wishes to you. Stick your head under a tap or something, if there's any water left.

Davo said...

Water?? nah, just close all the curtains, bring the canary cage, boxes of sprouting seeds into the bathroom and .. well, wait. There's supposed to be a "change in the weather" (read thunderstorm) later today.

Davo said...

.. and i also have a very smart cat. It's now stretched out full length on the bathroom floor.

JahTeh said...

The wind seems to have turned here and clouds are building up.
My sister called me on her way to work yesterday to go and look at the sun. It was a huge orange orb rising through the smoke haze. I did take a photo but you know me and cameras.

Davo said...

talking about images, JT, there is (as usual) a beautiful post on Barista.

Ahh, the power of images.
(and MY post is not actually about the bloody weather.. but never mind.)