Friday, December 22, 2006

a simple faith

I won't, at this point, go into detail about why am not a "Christian", as such, but the information is readily available these days.

But, at this time of year it is still worth pointing out that what we in the Western [Northern?] sphere of civilisation see as "fact" and "truth", is mostly based on myth and legend concocted by the priesthood in Rome roughly 1700 years ago.

Bear in mind that at that time - and only until Gutenberg invented the printing press - 95% of the population were illiterate, and relied on what the priests and "nobles" told them.

And so, passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth .. we now "believe".

An inkling of what Yeshua ben Yoseph may well have said can be found here.

Everything else is fairy-tale. (who knows? in a thousand years everyone will be worshipping the Great prophet Gandalf .. or Frodo .. or someone.)

I can only really wish everyone an Enjoyable Season of festivities, and hold that the notion of "love" is a unifying concept.


Be careful with the words “no need”.
They can apply to such as greed;
but if, on careful thought, and grace
and looked at, face to face,
As “Love of God” or “I love you” -
our need of food or goods or self;
A pet, the sea, a friend, a Nation,
a touch, a smile, or happy conjugation;
dolphins, birds and all around,
A dive, a tramp, discordant noise.
If changed about, all things come clear.
Balanced up with those held dear,
We each and every one of us
must have some love, or “need”. So thus
take heed.
The world would be a doleful place,
A place of fuss and bother,
with many people crying,
and some, faith lost, are dying,
If all had only just one need
and needed then no other.
But, balanced up and spread around,
the world would ring with joyful sound
if we all loved each other.

Please love all these, and more -
peaceful wavelets on the shore,
a storm, the stars, a sunset sky.
I am not god, but just a man.
In deeds, a small man, I.
My needs are small, but many.

But each of us, as some huge plan,
within us hold the seeds -
the comprehensive, many needs
that dormant lie, within the pod,
Supreme, Sublime, of God.
DJH 1990

The concept of love = need is debatable, as always.


Davo said...

You can, if you wish, debate the notion of "god"... but think on this. Everything physical is composed of molecules. Each molecule is composed of atoms. Break an atom apart and whaddya left with? A whole heap of energy.

My notion of "god" is the sum total of all energy available in the universe. Put a name to it if you wish.. call it G-ALLAH-D. tuff tit, same principle, can't really comprehend why people have to kill each other over it. It's all political sectarian shit.

Anonymous said...

Well sometimes "I love" means "I want". And why not? they are just words and when teenagers say "bad" or "wicked" it may be a term of high praise.

So I won't debate about any of these debatable things, but wish you coolth, rain, a season of joy and germinating tree-babies galore.

Cocaine Jesus said...

i stopped believing, much to my mothers horror, in god when i was 13 (1967),maybe a little earlier if truth be told, but the older i get the more spiritual i become.

god is just a concept and one which too many faiths use as a crutch.

god as love and as a unifying e i can believe in but not some obscure deity.

Davo said...

the madness
of the jehova god
unleashed on japan

will obliterate mankind,
each tree, each bird, each
precious friend.