Sunday, October 29, 2006

Test posts

Apologies for all that. For some reason blogger is giving me "error" messages if i use some words in a post.
Apparently they have been "published" without my consent.

(In other words, was just testing through an 'error' message, and was "published" without clicking "publish". sheesh,would YOU trust an American to sell you a used car ..or tank .. or any out-of-date philosophy??)


R H said...

Maybe you need a new antenna on the shack.

Davo said...

um, this shack has several alternatives, and is in th process of departing th building.

"cut an'run"? as a strategy. Absolutely.

Life is more important than policy.

Davo said...

antenna? rh, am a scorp, heh heh heh.

R H said...

Keep the antenna. Maybe you need a new shack.


(And double heh)

(heh heh)

kathy said...

I think they want us to switch over to thier beta! i was having errors yesterday myself...i keep hitting republish until it fixed itself. it took about 3 or 4 doings. I haven't yet switched to beta yet, if blogger gives me more trouble I'll have no choice.

Rauf said...

It was fine, 2 days after posting my current blog it started showing error, I stopped getting comments in mail, but new comments continued to appear on the similar to yours pop up window. I did all that Kathy did, my responses to the comments kept disappearing. Right next to error in publishing there is details, click on it Davo, it will show the date of the post where there are errors, just delete that post. I couldn't delete the particular post as it had many comments, So I changed the text a bit, deleted and rewote the ending line and republished it. after that it is behaving well.

Anonymous said...

Switching to Beta was easy for me and I'm an idiot about software. I like beta better too, the template is MUCH easier to work with. You can drag 'n drop the page elements, which I didn't realize at first. (I never read the manual, too stupid to understand it.)

Davo said...

At the moment am having a play with NucleusCMS, which is looking fantastic, so far. Open source, free, fully customisable, - the Admin panel very comprehensive and "User friendly". Has all the features of Blogger, and a few more.

Am not all that "clever" as far as this sort of stuff goes, so it will be some time before I get familiar with some of the "finer" points, but so far so good. Also, having it on an "independent" server/website, won't have to worry about whether Gurgle is up/down or piddling around with tweaks.

Nucleus also has a very good and fast response time on their "how do I" forum. They say that it's possible to "import" the Blogger blog, but don't think I'll bother.

JahTeh said...

I had three posts which wouldn't publish due to 'error, could not connect' and then they published themselves. You know how computer illiterate I am, Davo.