Sunday, October 01, 2006

A different planet

While Sol Trujillo collects $8+ million for screwing up our National telecommunications network under the 'market forces' pretext, and keeping Australia in some sort of Broadband backwater, China is quietly ..

Have no idea which planet GW Bush lives on. While it may be true that there have been no major terror attacks ON U.S. soils since September 11 whenever, the incidence of attacks has sharply increased and 15 or so
OTHER COUNTRIES have suffered badly.. and yet he still keeps bleating that "We are safer" .. Bleah! Bah! Bullshit!

This post at Road to Surfdom is worth a read, especially the comment by Zog.

Have no idea what sort of Disneyland cocoon the U.S. citizens live in, but the news is all pretty sickening out here in the real world. Tony Blair is apparently paying the price for " .. a close association with Bush policies." One can only wonder when those policies will catch up with our little "Teflon John".

On that note, am going to completely change the subject.

This is the "Ruler of MY world." heh.

"The take-over."
"Settling in."
"OK, NOW what ya gunna do?


Link said...

Black and white pussy cats are the best.

Davo said...

She (Shiloh) is one of the most peaceful, peaceable, independent and quiet pussies that have ever been associated with .. but even she gets a fit of the "jealousies" if I spend too much time at the keyboard.

kurt said...

Yes, one of my favourite cartoons is that of an innocent-faced cat sitting on the keyboard. The caption reads,
"Are you sure you want to delete this file?"

Kurt said...

And, oh, as far as your comment about Bush's planet, me neither. He's really coming under some attack here, but more of his damage continues to be done each day. Davo, you may enjoy watching any of the Olbermann MSNBC clips over on YouTube. Just go there and search for his name. Or go to this link below and then after watching it click on other related ones. This guy is really something, and we need more of this sort of forceful commentator over here. In this clip he really blasts Bush.
Enjoy :)

JahTeh said...

My cat doesn't worry about a keyboard he's too busy taking over a queen size bed.

Davo said...

Yup, Kurt, nice to see that the USA mainstrean media is taking some responsibility. Good to see that the Woodward book is reaching the MSM as well. One of the problems with politicians is that they don't really have to have "long term vision" - can collect their salary and pension then just piss off to live in luxury; leaving someone else to fix up the mess.

(PS. word verification = "yxfuq" .. seems appropriate for a change .. heh.)