Saturday, September 02, 2006

Quietly weeping

I am, I really am, weeping. What will it take for George W. Bush, "Dick" Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, et. al .. to actually LISTEN?

And the world wonders how ‘terrorists’ are created! A 15-year-old Lebanese girl lost five of her siblings and her parents and home in the Qana bombing… Ehud Olmert might as well kill her now because if he thinks she’s going to grow up with anything but hate in her heart towards him and everything he represents, then he’s delusional.
(from Riverbend, Baghdad Burning.}


Anne Johnson said...

This never occurs to our moron leaders.

Link said...

I think they strenuously avoid the truth and being told the truth, living in a world of their own making that is light years away from what is actually happening. Their advisors tread cautiously around them.

They are evil, evil men, and I say that without my usual reservations about using the 'e' word. What will it take them? Twenty years, penury, torture, a sound thrashing . . . .or maybe they will only learn once they find themselves 6' under and fully awake to themselves and unable to move.