Sunday, September 24, 2006


Am not feeling 100% so there won't be much in the way of posts for a few days, and have run out of pre-drawn Sunday Scribbles.

The good news is that it rained quite heavily here last night and this morning, but probably too late to save the majority of the crops in this state. .. and will probably bring on a spurt of spring growth in the Adelaide Hills – which will make things dicey for the upcoming bushfire season.

Am hearing reports of the death of Osama bin Laden. Either the “mind manipulators” don't need him anymore, or are trying to provoke him into popping up with another video telling us that 'reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated'.

Our highly skilled and efficient Defense Materiel Establishment have proudly taken delivery of the first 18 of 59 secondhand American Abrams battle-tanks which have been offloaded in Melbourne. Would you buy a used car from anyone in Washington? (Here's us in desperate need of rainwater tanks, and our wonderful government spends $500 million on battle-tanks. .. sheesh.) There is only one problem. There is no infrastructure to transport them anywhere else! The rail network has no rolling stock capable of carrying them and, at 68 tonnes, the Abrams is 18 tonnes too heavy to cross most of the bridges – especially in the Northern Territory. Driving them under their own power the 3,500 kilometers or so to the Northern Territory would be somewhat expensive at 300 metres/litre.
Am sure that the Melbournians will sleep safe in their beds knowing that they are protected against terrorist attack or .. errm ..invasion by soldiers from the Solomon Islands .. by immovable American tanks.

Had previously been frustrated by the fact that SBS has some very incisive locally made documentaries – especially “Dateline” - that may not be readily available to the rest of the world .. BUT, am pleased to note that they can now be seen via the Internet.
Dateline Video Online, and look on the righthandside.
(especially the one about Sol Trujillo. Am i allowed to say that he represents the epitome of the "Ugly" American .. even though his antecedents are from Central Amerigo?)

Have always been impressed by Dateline, as they generally use just one Video journalist who seem to get themselves much closer to any story than a full MSM “News Crew”, with all its paraphernalia.

My Cheers and Best Wishes to you lot.


Rauf said...

Never heard of Australia having any enemy , why do they need those tanks any way ? second hand or shiny new.

Yea happens some times, lethargy sets in and don't feel like doing anything Davo

Link said...

That's funny. That's government planning especially the Defence Department. Well Melbourne is safe. Reminds me of one early morning driving into work when I was pulled over by wildly gesitculating cops and sat there to watch slowly slowly trundling past three huge semi's pulling and two pushing an enormous electricity transformer which weighed in at something like 3000 tonnes (if that figure seems wrong, it probably is so take off a zero but needless to say it must have been one heavy effer) Very economical. They'd also managed to navigate the steepest route to get it to its destination. That's bureaucracy 'planning' for you.

Davo said...

mm, perhaps the gummint can put the Abrams into some sort of 'historical' museum of useless artifacts, along with the Sea Sprite helicopters, and F18 radar systems.