Tuesday, September 12, 2006

honesty vs. vanity

In a comment on the previous pic Daniel asked if the bull had any symbolic relationship to myself.

Had a think about it and would have to say errr..ummm, perhaps - but honesty overcame vanity, so would have to say more like twenty or thirty years ago.

These days am much more like ..

Have no idea who drew this delightful little pic, but found it while looking for an actual illustration out of a picture book that I remembered from childhood.
Ferdinand the Bull.
(which, apparently and strangely enough, has a history of being "banned" for being too "pacifist". Some things haven't changed much in 70 years.. heh.)


Rauf said...

Remember a recent movie of Ashley Judd ? 'some one like you' I forgot thee movie so soon, had to go to IMDB to get the title.

I liked the opening shot, how bulls get tired of the older cows and go after younger ones.

kathy said...

awww prefers to smell flowers than fight in bullfights! cute davo! :)

Anne Johnson said...

I Loved Ferdinand the Bull!!! It was my all-time favorite book as a kid! I also liked another, less well known "pacifist" number called "Inch by Inch."

Thanx for reminding me of fun days past.

Daniel said...

I still loved your drawing, Davo! Keep on joining (the dots!).