Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Brave" new world

a couple of posts back i mentioned 'dedicated researcher with some years to spare'. Well apparently there is one. ... who has put together a collection of publicly reported 'incidents' which can more rightly be called 'paths to 9/11'. What i found impressive about it is that it doesn't make any (well, not many) assumptions or presumptions about 'guilt or innocence' , LIHOP or MIHOP.
(Let it Happen, or Made it Happen on Purpose)

Just a collection of reported facts arranged in a “time” sequence.

Connecting the dots

I did watch the 'movie' part 2 on channel seven the other Monday night, but wasn't all that impressed, (apart from the look on “John O'Neill's” (Harvey Keitel) face as, after all that he'd done, the whole edifice crumbled down around him.) Didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know, and from what i could gather wasn't particularly biased one way or the other. If Part 2 supposed to be biased against Clinton, then it didn't show.

Reading the ... list however, strongly suggests (to me, at least) that the Bush administration - especially in the upper echelons - was either particularly naïve, exceptionally incompetent, or actually “let it happen”.

Yes, I accept that there was apparently no “specific” information as to the Day or Place of an “imminent attack” but it appears that they did very little to prepare for something that they had ample warnings about.

It is, perhaps, significant that it is what happened afterward, that shows the Bush administration to be either particularly naïve, totally and absolutely incompetent, or used the event to further an agenda that had been on the drawing boards for quite a long time. i.e. The invasion of Iraq.

Diverging slightly, it is particularly ironic that one vote may have altered the course of the past 6 years. Watched an interview with Al Gore on Monday night on Enough Rope with Andrew Denton.

One can only speculate what the world situation would have been like if the American electoral college had voted 3-2 in Al Gore's favour in 2001.

And if any americans think that they live in a “democracy”, this post at MGK should give those with any modicum of un-biased thought, some degree of discomfort.

(gird ya loins, ya sooky little philosophical american "leftys", get orf ya bums .. DEMAND that yer vote be COUNTED!)


JahTeh said...

The magazine 'Vanity Fair' (don't ask me to link) has photos of 9/11 on their website and a good article in the magazine itself about the role of the airforce on that day. A lack of communication between agencies again.

Davo said...

"magazine"? "Vanity Fair"? Begin at the beginning, JT.

Kurt Reply said...

Oh, and you might want to watch this guy's speech about, in part, that movie. Spot on, he is.

Kurt Reply said...

and that just led me to this: