Sunday, September 10, 2006

Anniversaries - September 11

Well, it's almost the time for “THAT” anniversary. September 11th. Will have to admit that I don't have the same sort of “emotional” reaction to it that someone living in the USA would have.

When I first began watching the events unfold on TV (6am South Australian time) my FIRST reaction was that it was some sort of “construct” created by a news-hungry TV channel to boost ratings ( similar to the Orson Welles radio program “War of the worlds”.)

In some ways, my view hasn't changed much – though that would take quite a few more words to explain in detail.

Yes, I believe that the events happened. i.e. Two aeroplanes flew into the World Trade Centre, the towers fell down, there was an explosion at the Pentagon; and many people died.

It has also been used as a propaganda tool to justify some questionable political actions.

Will we ever really know the full details of what led up to that event? Probably not, but it will be the subject of speculation and controversy for some time to come, as the myth-makers work overtime to confuse and cloud the issue with speculation and media manipulation, smoke and mirrors. We have, by and large, been “trained and indoctrinated” to respond emotionally (but not, perhaps, logically) to the images on the TV screen. While the notion of “tugging the heartstrings” was known and used since we first began to dance around a campfire, and then the inception of the Movie Industry - the art and science of “behavior modification” was developed and perfected by psychologists and psychiatrists in Madison Avenue shortly after the Television industry became widespread, and could be fed directly into our own “living space” in an almost continuous stream.

At present, there seems to be some controversy about the “factual” Disney production “Path to 9/11”, which I have yet to see.
(other references
Poor man Institute
Open Letter

I have, however, had a look at the “Loose change” version. At 1 hour 52 mins, not easy, but while much of their “speculations”and “conclusions” can be discounted as based on inconclusive evidence, they do raise some interesting questions. i.e. What happened to all the gold bullion stored under the WTC. It would, methinks, take a far more dedicated researcher than me – with a couple of years to spare - to “revisit and re-collect” all the “evidence” and begin to “connect the dots”.

As it is, we are all still “subject to manipulation” by the American "popular" media.

My interest in 'paths to..' began some time ago, more or less, when I watched the documentary, “The man who knew.” ( Frontline /PBS/SBS) A documentary about the efforts – well before Sept 11th, 2001 - of FBI agent John O'neill to track down Osama bin Laden. Haven't watched it recently, and my memory of the details is scanty – but it STILL REMAINS my impression that successive American administrations have been extremely reluctant to capture or kill this “propaganda asset”...

I cannot help but wonder why.


Anne Johnson said...

This anniversary crap is closely tied to the upcoming legislative elections. Anything to make us scared again. I'd feel a lot safer if all those National Guardsmen came home from Iraq. But now they've made a botch and have to fix it.

Rauf said...

War is money Davo, you understand the rest.

JahTeh said...

I just caught the end of a conversation on the radio yesterday so I can't give you a name but it was a man who was in the tower or had relatives in the tower.

He has formed a peace movement because he was saddened by the fact that the American reation to this act was going to be more violence.

This is something my sister said to me in the week after 9/11, that they had the chance to show how great a country they were or how bad.

Davo said...

mm, Rauf, am penniless. If "war is money" then perhaps I should strap on a bullet-proof vest, swear allegiance to those in castles built on sand, spout meaningless slogans, and kill off anyone with a sensible viewpoint.