Sunday, August 06, 2006

you cannot "shoot the shit" ..

..out of bitterness.

Doesn't work, never has. Some other concepts need to be found.


Patty said...

quite true.

Davo said...

yup, "shooting the shit" has a tendency to perpetrate more bitterness.

Funny, really .. as an innocuous "colloquialism" inferring "chatting" .. it is meaningless... but the words themselves imply a much more violent intent.

JahTeh said...

Actually it's an old submariner's expression for emptying the 'head' and it means exactly what it says. That makes me an old submariner or someone who hung out with sailors a lot and I'm not tellig.

Davo said...

JT .. shit, in all its forms; evacuation, whatever, has to be dealt with somewhere. It does not "disappear". Has to be a "re-processing" SOMEWHERE. Western society has a tendency to assume that it happens "somewhere else". One of these days would like them to stand up and tell me where that actually IS.