Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday scribbles (6)

Ah, the things I waste my Saturday nights on ( or, the things on which I waste ..)

Have to admit that the little pencil sketches were drawn some ten years ago, and there are only three left.

Just thought to plonk up this image.(? umm, didn't mean it quite like that .. buut the day is still young.) Have been fiddling with ArtRage. Trying to control the mouse is a challenge, so had to go sort of "impressionistic" and it came out somehow "Romanticised" by about 40 years .. heh.

The program has a trick that makes it easy. One of the functions is "Tracing Paper" where one can load a photo underneath the "canvas" and you can just "paint" over the top of it


kathy said...

Hey not bad! you know i went shopping at a few department stores trying to find a program like this. i gave up looking never found anything. this looks good! i think I'll try it.
Thanks Davo

Davo said...

Y'r welcome Kathy. It's purely "computer generated" (well, apart from the human manipulating the mouse .. heh). Have to admit that "patience" is not my middle name, so didn't spend much time on it.

kathy said...

The eyes looks good!