Wednesday, August 23, 2006

lies, Lies and LIES

Funny really, words and the work we put them to. Watched the SBS "Insight" program the other night titled "Liar Liar".

Untruths and deceptions are built in to the Social Fabric. So, when does a "white lie" become a "grey lie" become a "darkish grey lie" or turn into a bloody big, on yer back, big black fib?

And there lies the rub. At what point does "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" become applicable? In a court of Law? mm, ask any slinky *Silk for the answer to that one.

umm where was i? oh yes. Have just discovered another Davo out there in videoland .. and a bloody American, to boot.

Sheesh, and here's me thinking that "Davo" was exclusively Aussie. Oh well, learn a new thing every day, I guess. Bit disconcerting though. Here's me setting up Davo's Flicks, and am now confronted with another Davo. Erk.

Will pop in an example of something from his site, mainly because he sort of apparently thinks like me .. but is NOT me. There are several videos that are more or less in tune, or complementary, to the subject of this post.

Can't do the screen, will just send you to "Truth in Advertising".

For the rest of the selection go here.
(*Queen's Counsel .. or for the yanks, an effin bloody expensive Lawyer.)


lilfeathers2000 said...

A bit of a rant huh?

Davo said...

Hiya Lilfeather .. heh. I actually sent an email to the "Davo" at the website, and he tells me that he legally changed his name to Davo 20 years ago. Guess that that makes me a "pretend" Davo.. heh.

Anne Johnson said...

No sympathy for you on this one, my man. Try being Anne Johnson. My friends call me A.J., and that makes me have the same name as about 50 American football blokes.

Kurt Reply said...

Hi,Davo, I just left this link over at Gerry's and thought you might want to read it based on your comment. You asked about WTC bldg.7. At the bottom of the page you will find more pages with some of the other issues covered.

Kurt Reply said...

And here's the page on the Pentagon hole

Davo said...

Ah, thanks for that link, Kurt. Will read through them when have time. Have to admit the I don't have a firm position on "the Conspiracy theory". Haven't studied it thoroughly enough. Did see, though, a sentence somewhere that said .. if it was a conspiracy, it was on such a massive scale, with many players. Surely someone would have "leaked" by now.

Have to say, though, that since then .. I do not believe ONE word of ANYTHING that emanates from the Pentagon, or White House .. or even Canberra, for that matter. Any semblance of truth or trust in those institutions has been well and truly shattered.

JahTeh said...

Phil at Veni Vini Blogi had a post on this as well. The Pentagon crash is one that looks more dodgy than the buildings coming down.

Kurt Reply said...

Davo, I greatly apologise in advance if I am being too firm here, or if I offend you, but I must say this. No disrespect is intended.
I gave you a couple of links above to a very, very simple and concise set of articles written in a respected publication which cites all sorts of evidence and scientific explanations for some of the questions you have about, for example, the plane crashing into the ground in Pennsylvania. You say above that you will read it when you have the time. Yet you made a comment a day later, over at Diog.Disc, that you don't understand how a plane could hit the ground like that and not leave more of a trace. Davo, I cannot read the article to you. It would take you a mere fifteen or twenty minutes to peruse it. You must make the small effort to go to the link and read it for yourself. I and others cannot continue to spoonfeed info to people who will not attempt to learn...eventually you need to simply do the research yourself and come to your own conclusions. If, after reading about the lady who held body parts in her hand at the Pentagon site, plus a plethora of additional evidence, you decide there was no plane and that she is lying as are hundreds of other people, then sobeit. But you DO owe it to yourself to be informed or to make an attempt to learn.
Please, again I apologise if I appear rude here; it is not intended to be so.
I frankly don't understand, after reading this blogging biz for a few months, why so many people with their own blogs go over and over the same information and questions ad nauseum with each other when more appropriate references are available. After a point, everything becomes heresay and must be looked up. Anyone can have a blog these days but it in no way implies that it will be accurate or worth spending precious time reading or typing into.
My vert best wishes to you,

Davo said...

Apologies are are bit of a waste of time and words in this place,Kurt. No problem.