Friday, August 11, 2006

A comment about comments

Any comments actually end up in me email box. If they have a 'reply'address attached,Augh augh aro may or may not respond via email or back into the blog. depends..

The world is full of strange ways of communicating.

Augh agh aaroooooooooowgh


Patty said...

See how you are. And here i thought you were mad at me.

Davo said...

Nah Patty, am not mad at anyone, just mad .. heh.

Kelvin said...

Can I join the "mad" party ??? I just live across the ditch !!! Why do you never go into a bar when there is a wombat in there ???

I'lll be back........

Kelvin said...

Me - again !!! Twice in one day. I have listed your blog @ #494 on my blog 21 21 21 Blogs as it is worth sharing !!!

Comments would also end up in your email box if comments are set that way.

Davo said...

Hello Kel, jeepers, across the ditch? mm.

Avoid bars containing wombats? probably for the same reason one avoids
Pandas with guns... heh. It's all about the comma.