Friday, August 18, 2006

Anniversaries - Long Tan

Wasn't there. Only one year too old for that particular lottery.
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250 vs. 2500

Will rewrite a quote ..

".. in the history, the few overcame overwhelming odds."

" At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them.. "

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[edited: 20 Aug 2006]


Brownie said...

Hi Davo - just popped over here to read down a bit.
Cannot believe 'there were no rabbits' where you grew up.
My Dad used to shoot em on the front lawn and we would eat them for dinner with the fresh field mushrooms I brought home - what I would pay to have that dish these days.
Am wondering what it would take to get kicked outta Teacher's College without having to pay back the Bursary? (Teachers College was my intended future when at High School, but life took a swerve when [16.12.64]I ran off to the city with an interesting boy).
And through him I ended up in Sydney where I went to Kingsford Smith to see off a melbourne friend to the American War in Vietnam. QANTAS flight departing midnight, check in 7pm. I can still choke up at the memory of those boys going off. every one totally shitfaced drunk. one of those Hosties (if they had any brains) should have written a book about the nightmare that the flight must have been.
My grandfather went off to The Hindenberg Line in 1915; my father went to England Malta and Mannheim with the RAF in 1940. War is disgusting.
Peace and love from old hippie brownie.

Davo said...

My father died in March, 1945 .. left me with a bittuva cynical void .. heh.