Friday, July 28, 2006

Stand in my backyard

Have no idea why people fight.

Am crusty oldish basket.

Still operate on ancient rules. Stand in my backyard.

Yup, technology tells me that my small backyard is irrelevent, and can be obliterated by one push of a "superior" weapon.

A challenge to The "leaders" of the "free" world. Stand naked in my backyard, and see who "wins".


kathy said...


GreenSmile said...

You are so right, Davo.

The "security" and the wealth that nervous little minds cannot see around them they must then suppose is elsewhere and they campaign through everyone else's back yard to seek it. And that is how they manage to make it all so much worse.

A man under his own "vine and fig tree" is the bible's most succinct description of world peace. and it was George Washington's most frequent bible quote. He was the guy whose advice to us on leaving office was to avoid foreign entanglements. What a bunch of assholes we have been to ignore the ideas while invoking the name in empty speeches about patriotism.

We are so screwed.

I even think wisdom is a common garden crop, just not cultivated well enough.

As long as no one is trying to take my garden away, I am one content human being and mind my own damn business. [and yes, genocide for tomato hook worms and bean beetles and Japanese beetles is very much on my mind at times]

GreenSmile said...

What's the wonkese for this form of combat, Wombat?

Assemetric warfare?

You know bush is probably no match for you in such a confrontation. Thats why he would insist on bringing is vice president dick.

Davo said...

Umm, Gs, apparently the 'vice' presidential
has some weight.
Seriously though, wouldn't it be nice if we could get the so-called "leaders" of these conflicts to stand naked in a ring somewhere. Olmud vs (whatever mad mullah), Bush vs Ajah whatsisbad. OK fellers sort yerselves out. Collateral damage is just not on.

GreenSmile said...

And if the conservatives say its just not sporting and modern to pit the leaders barehanded remind them of the good old days that conservatives are so fond of, the REALLY old days when battles could be decided by each side sending forth a champion, [David and Goliath are actually an example the biblicality of it ought to appeal to Bush].

GreenSmile said...

drat!, could follow link to dodgy bear's post but not leave comment. he really is fixin't to kill that sucker.