Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Arrrgh! Me hearties.

Doubt that there will be any genuine yotties passing through this blogg in the next couple of days, but am having a crack at eBay. First time experience, am selling a set of signal flags – so thought to drop in a a bit of shameless cross promotion .. heh.

mm, dunno about this claim by eBay that “it's as easy as 1 2 3 .” Bit more like 1 1/16. 3/16/5/32nds.

Sign in here, fill in this box, that box .. and NOW we have to verify you. (verify me? I know who i am.) ..and THAT is before setting up Paypal.. Errk! Arrrgh!.Arrrgh!.. and am not even Depping around in the Carri bean! At present am waiting for paypal to send a letter with a code number to my PO box so that they know I live where I live. Arrrgh!.

Hang on .. was that paypal or adSense? One of them wanted me to re-enter the minuscule few cents deposited in my bank account to verify that my bank account was my bank account. “You have two more tries before you are rejected!” Huh? Am still trying to figure out which one deposited the amount. Oh well, have ten days to wait. Then I can try to contact whoever it was to ask If I can try again. Bleah!

Arrrgh! Not only that, but have discovered that have exceeded my monthly 'download limit' so everything internet is as slow as a month of winter Sundays. Concurrent complications.

On the other hand, have bitten the bullet and decided to purchase the full version of MAGIX Movie edit. Aaaaah .. Love it. Stand by for Cecil B de DVD.

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