Friday, July 28, 2006

Am a dilettante

Um, have been busy being extremely frustrated trying to solve problems with some of my "technical" equipment of late. Was also trying to find a file hidden in the deep innards of the grey- faced beast that sits on my desk .. and came, accidentally, across something that had saved some time ago:-
If we wish to understand the phenomenon of terrorism in the modern world, and if we wish to take effective measures to lessen its attraction to idealistic young people, the first and most necessary step is to understand our enemies. We must give respect to our enemies, as courageous and capable soldiers enlisted in a cause, before we can understand them. The kamikaze diaries give us a basis on which to build both respect and understanding.
(PS. 28 July 06, that link may NOT take you to the quote where I found it. My error.)

So just thought to drop it in for consideration, for those who think about these things.

On a personal note, two people have dropped in and said that they would buy something that I have for sale ( and which would get get me out of a small immediate financial problem. That was 3 weeks ago.. several phone calls, but have not heard zip from either. ARRRgh!)

AND also Now have two "complaints" registered on my name at "head office" from customers "because I did not call back". Umm.. here's me, either whippersnipping or pushing a mower out in somebody's back yard. "beep beep" goes my pager. Turn off motors, pull mobile phone from pocket. Unlock screen. Sun too bright, can't read. Walks back to work wagon. gets spectacles, tries again. Reads screen. Tries to write infomation down, screen times out and goes dark. Pushes 'down' button, screen lights up. writes down number. Calls number, no answer. Puts phone back in pocket, goes back to work. (whadda think i do? sit in a bloody office on my fat feminist complacent comfy bum all day?)

Finishes job, packs up and goes back to car. Fishes phone out of pocket, finds 'message', calls number. No answer.

At that point it just sort of 'slips off the radar' for a few more days.

And these pricks have the temerity to "complain".

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