Thursday, June 08, 2006

another personal note

Funny, really.. life. The 'other boot has fallen' .. clumped onto the floor. Was waiting for it after being 'informally' informed some three or four weeks ago that my tenure in the house that i exist in was insufficient. The Owners have decided to sell.

Have kept the faith of this beautiful, comfortable cottage for 5 years. Loved it's 'low maintenance' garden, refused to 'repaint' without some minor compensation, lived and loved within it. But now it's gone.

Back to the drawing board. How much of the collection of "Stuff" that now fills four rooms can I afford to keep.

How much of it do i NEED to keep. Have a few weeks to make those decisions. Have already rung the few family that can contact... 'come get yer stuff' THIS HOUSE OF STORAGE IS NO LONGER VALID.

Will keep those small items of meaning and go 'back on the road', so to speak.

( the 'owners' of the house that i live in are 'christians' who have lived 15 or so years in America.)


Link said...

Left right and centre eras are ending. Sorry to hear that a happy home for you is coming to an end. Stuff eh? Sheesh. Don't be too drastic with your cull and good luck in finding your way to another little idyll very soon.

Davo said...

cull.. mm can only think about that within machinery concepts. Have i shot a one legged blind cat ..yup.

Davo said...

link, curious concepts. heres me, doing me own thing, trying to be nice to the rest of the world.. )frankly, for most of my life} and JeeZ.. the Xtians screw me yet again.. one wonders.

Link said...

There is no justice Davo. (but you know that). They call themselves Christians? Very suss. Take it from me who would be a christian if I could be that effing good, you'll go a long way in heaven, but get done over down here.

Link said...

BTW I read the first article on the Iranian Boursa post below then got sidetracked. I will be back to read on. Thanks for this. Very interesting indeed.

Davo said...

Missing Link, please.. there are many ppl that the Xtians hve missed. heh.