Saturday, May 06, 2006

So close, and yet ..

Mother Earth can be capricious.

So far so good. Thanks to all 'pray' - ers (and whatever god you 'subscribe' to).
The most delicate stage is yet to happen.

Examiner - Tasmania
The Advertiser - Adelaide


Anonymous said...

for my part.. I can only imagine them safe and sound, free and easy in the open air.

Rauf said...

Difficult task. What if your Prime minister had been trapped there ?
or the owner of the mine, or a very rich man. Would it take the same time to rescue them ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting question, Rauf.

dingbat said...

how easy is it to transmit thoughts, peer to peer, without intermediaries, just wondering .

Rauf said...

saw the rescue efforts on BBC