Sunday, May 14, 2006


This is becoming bloody ridiculous. Am beginning to feel - and behave - like a Dingo trapped in a cage, snapping, snarling and biting any finger that comes within range.

Perhaps it’s the weather, which has been dull, grey and overcast for the past week or two, with occasional bouts of drizzly rain. Perhaps it's my perception that this beautiful planet is going to hell in a handbasket - aided and abetted by banks and 'big business'.

I really should get 'out' more. The 'Internet' is not doing my equanimity much good.


Rauf said...

Nothing much happening there perhaps Davo, no sports avtivities ?

Well we had some fun, state elections, and i voted, I voted my vote Davo ! Sounds strange ? Last few times Somebody had already cast my vote. One time the polling officer threatened to have me arrested for 'impersonating myself'
Now an ID card is mandatory. Thats how I was able to vote. Not a very happy experience. I had to choose a known devil.

Anne Johnson said...

D, remember to think geologically and not historically. Homo sapiens can't destroy the globe. We don't have the power. The earth will rock on (pardon the pun) long after we're gone.

Thank Goddess for that.

Davo said...

mandatory ID cards, Rauf? O that cheers me up no end. I know who I am. The local Feds (central government) are proposing to introduce one here. "not compulsory", but it would be difficult to exist without one. I can't see why they don't just go straight to implanting microchips, just like with cats and dogs .. heh.

I know 'the rock' will survive, Anne. Am just being old and crotchetty. I wonder if there were some "ancients" who sat around thinking "gee, the world is getting colder". heh