Sunday, April 23, 2006

No more bulls...

I cheat, of course I cheat. Words are very strange things. You all thought I meant something else.(g'wan, admit it.. heh.)
Have just been watching "Landline", a most beautiful program on ABC TV about rural Australia (oh, all right, am biased). Actually it refers to an item for NEXT week.

'male' cattle are fairly useless to a dairy farmer, so the "intelligent designers" have figured out how to separate (in-joke. can remember, as a child, having to wind the handle on the 'separator' to remove the cream from the milk .. oh stop it Davo, you'll end up winding this simple story into something else.) Bull semen, for the breeding of Dairy cattle. No more bull calves, or rather, the 'natural' percentage of 50/50 can now be controlled to produce female calves only.

Ummm, thinks..(stop thinking Davo, it only gets you into trouble.).


Middle Child said...

Hi Davo, Another Australian here who loves Landline also. My yuppie Kiwi brother in law makes my blood boil when he slags off at farmers and calls them rednecks...while he drinks his export beer and uses tons of plasitc disposable nappies for his kids who never asked not to have cloth... I think he thinks his food comes from the supermarket.

So Davo do they have a separation method for stupid yuppie 40 something brother in laws who need a good kick up the backside...?

Anne Johnson said...

In Merica I think you can already get this done in humans if you want a child of a certain gender. Of course, we're the same sods who spend $30,000 to clone pet alley cats.

Davo said...

Umm, Anne, thinks. Do we need more cloned Bulls, or more spitting alley cat pussies.. ?