Sunday, October 02, 2005


It is too easy to sit here in a house in a quiet treelined street in the suburbs and wonder WHY?? Why blow up Bali again, what do these murderers hope to achieve? It is too easy to sit here and say 'don't let them win .. go visit Bali' ..when the worst that happens here is bit of rain and wind now and then. Or perhaps a minor vehicle accident at the local nearby intersection. Too easy to write 'oh well, there is more chance of dying from a heart attack .. or cancer .. or being run over by a bus .. or being in a train wreck .. than being blown up by a suicidal mass murderer.' But what do the Balinese feel now?

It is too easy to 'tighten' security laws and facilities over and over again .. but still it happens. And happens. What sort of people are prepared to do this to others? What is their mindset? This is CRAZY.

The awful thought is that we will soon be living in 'total lockdown' .. unable to move without passing through multiple 'checkpoints' and having to furnish a sheaf of 'identity cards'. This is also crazy. Little Johnny keeps saying ' they hate us for our freedoms..". Will 'reducing our freedoms' make us safer? Bullsh.. A couple of years ago the mantra was ' we must invade Iraq to make us safer'. Well that didn't work too well.


Liquidplastic said...

It's hard to understand it all D. No matter how you look at it, up, down or sideways ... I don't know what this world coming to, and I darn sure don't have the answers. But the pain of it all is felt here, within my heart, and invade my space, because for the life of me ... I think we are all a part of this thing.

What I would like to do is just get of a train and move to a more peaceful world ... is that possible without dying?

Davo said...

umm, LP, There is nothing wrong with "The World". MOST of it is quite a beautiful and peaceful place. I could be facetious and say that all one has to do is turn off the radio and TV. :-\